Topic: Mac app--nothing happens

How is the desktop app for the Mac supposed to work?  I selected a video on my NAS and clicked the Flingo app in my dock and nothing happens.  Nothing shows up in my web videos queue (unlike the Flingo bookmark applet), no dialog, etc.  I tried dragging and dropping the video file to the icon in my dock as well and zilch.  I've tried with videos of various file types and no success.  I'm running OS X Snow Leopard on a Core i7 MacBook Pro.  How do you use this desktop app?


Re: Mac app--nothing happens

There should be an icon on the menu bar at the top of the screen. It has a pull-down menu for selecting the file.

Drag-and -drop support to the application icon would be a great addition.

(I am focusing on the fling from the web.  I would really like some help from the community on supporting the fling from the desktop)