Topic: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

For all canadians and quebecors, www.tou.tv is our main source of web tv.

Any change you could eventually get it to work with Flingo, thus our WD TV LIVE HUB?

If you can, i am not certain i undertand correctly how to submit this to you.  So here is an example of one episode url.


Thanks a lot for this superb product/inovation.


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

Hi frankieboy,

We need to figure out how to get to the video URL (as opposed to the web page URL).  It seems the content is geo limited so I can't play the video--- at least not without setting up a Canadian VPN.   Are you associated with tou.tv? 
If not, can you look at the page with and without video playing and see if there are any exposed video URLs (like .mp4)?



Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

Hello Dave,

I am not associated with them.  However, I am ready to assist in anyway I can.

So far, when i watch a video, the url changes but does not show any video format.... only its title: http://www.tou.tv/bye-bye-2011   where bye-bye-2011 is the program

Also, you may want to look at the few different version of Tout.tv : http://www.tou.tv/autres-plateformes




Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

There is actually already a custom Tou.TV plugin that exists for XBMC. You can have a look here. http://code.google.com/p/tou-tv-xmbc/

Also, there is one for Boxee : http://code.google.com/p/tou-tv-for-boxee/.

It seems that there is actually a Web Service to retrieve all of the Tou.TV information. Look at the "util.py" file from the Boxee Tou.TV plugin. You can get the "repertoire" of shows as JSON.

I currently have a Boxee Box, but would prefer having the WD Live. But the only thing that keeps me on the Boxee Box is the Tou.TV plugin ....

Btw, if possible, I would gladly help contribute on a Tou.TV plugin if I can get it on the WD Live!


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

In util.py, there is mention of an mp4 URL and an rtmp URL. 

I would love any help to implement and test a "deobfuscator" which is just a python function that takes a web page URL and returns an mp4 URL. 



Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

I'm not an RTMP expert, but from what I've seen in the util.py, it retrieves the RTMP Url by getting the PID of the show from the Tou.TV web site, then calling a URL to an American media hosting service "The Platform" (url being : http://release.theplatform.com/content. … mat=SMIL).

From this latest URL, you get an XML with the RTMP Url in it. This RTMP url also contains an MP4 url, but it is relative, not absolute (i.e. 004/MP4/autres/2012-01-16_19_00_00_30vies_0125_1200.mp4).

So, for example, starting from this Url http://www.tou.tv/30-vies/S02E65 (which is the url for Episode 65 of the "30 Vies" show). You grab the PID (toutv.releaseUrl='sPiOsPODMTB9E75aPcqimN5aCoKmu9uc'). From this, you call the Platform URL (http://release.theplatform.com/content. … ormat=SMIL).

From there, you can get the RTMP URL:


From that RTMP URL, you get the MP4 URL:

Though, I have no idea what is the beginning part of that MP4 URL. Can you work with this or you need some absolute HTTP url to the MP4?


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

I'll play with this.


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

I am also looking forward on browsing TOU.tv contents on WD TV Live. And it seems the only possible way would be through Flingo.
Keep us posted on this thread! smile


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

tou.tv is really "a must" for canadians.
If you can do something to add this on flingo we thank you a lot


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

Difficult for me to work with...

For example http://release.theplatform.com/content. … ormat=SMIL


<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/SMIL20/Language">
                <meta base="http://ne.edgecastcdn.net/0008B0/" />
                <ref src="mps/thePlatform/Unavailable.flv" title="Unavailable" abstract="You are not in a geographic region that has access to this content."/>



Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

Well yes, you need to be in Canada to be able to access it ... Maybe a Canada Proxy?


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

while tou.tv is being tried out, can you consider checking out tudou.com also? Thanks for checking it out.


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

I tried a couple of free proxies but they mangle the HTML,  strip out scripts, etc.  I was unable to get the video to play.   

Anyone want to loan me their VPN service for a few days?



Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

I should of invested the 80$ more to get a Boxee... (it has a web browser AND has Tou.TV integrated as a service)


Re: Can you consider adding tou.tv?

Someone already done the job to dig into the way tou.tv is working.

It should help you understand the way it works:
The article is in french but i guess Google Translate will do the job even tho i'm not sure how they will translate the more technical stuff.