Topic: 3D support on web videos widget


I've been trying to play youtube 3d videos on my vizio 3D enabled tv (E3D320VX), for instance this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QmH4cGU8V8. I've contacted vizio tech support since activating 3D mode doesn't show the video sin 3D, and they answered:

"I am sorry but the Web Videos widget is not a 3D supported application, which would be the cause of this issue you are running in to."

, so it would be really really really cool if this would be a planned as future widget update.



Re: 3D support on web videos widget

Ahhh... We have rules when picking between different encodings depending on the platform.  I'll look to see what we do for 3D on the Vizio E3 series.



Re: 3D support on web videos widget

Cool thanks! I'm really looking forward for on it!

-- Pablo