Topic: Flinging from Desktop with different IP address

Had a problem flinging from desktop today. It turned out that when I changed computers, my new computer had a different IP address from the original flingo computer.

I had to re-assign the original computer IP address to my new flingo computer to make it work.

Is there a way to have the script refresh somehow?


Re: Flinging from Desktop with different IP address


The fling desktop client could know everything it has flung and to which TVs.  Every fling in a queue has an id.  I could add an id to the fling call that could be interpreted as "update" and when the user is in the same network as the device it could update every item in the associated queue.

My time is taken up supporting the fling backend, the fling bookmarklet, and fling's integration with content ID.  I am willing to add this capability, but I need someone to take over the fling desktop.  I haven't touched the code in months.