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Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that Crunchyroll is having some serious problems at my end.

I use my sony BD player to watch through Launchpad. The problems are the same as NAHA mentioned above. Since last year until mid January every thing seemed fine with Crunchyroll. There was about 287+ shows listed with all of their seasons. About two or three weeks ago everything disappeared. From then on, all the tv shows started to come back very slowly but they all have one show listed or are missing all of their seasons.  Can anyone help me with this because this has been horrible. I've asked Crunchyroll at their forum about this and they had no clue what I was talking about.


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Please, any help here?


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Can you paste the output of http://flingo.tv/fling/discover here ? or email me ?



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Do you mean what type of Sony BD player I have?
Sorry if I'm not understanding your question. hmm


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Yes. And if you open this URL in your browser on your computer, which is in the same network as your BD player, you should see some output. Can you provide that ?



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"count": 0,
  "yourip": "",
  "interval": 900,
  "devices": []

and Sony BD Player BDP-BX58

Hope this is it.


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There is an issue with Sony and we are diligently working on resolving it. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will inform you when there are updates.



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Hi guys,

I just noticed this morning that random episodes have disappeared from most if not all of the series on Crunchyroll on WDTV Live's Flingo channel. Hope this is a temporary glitch. Will post again if it goes back to normal or not later in the day.


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Ah, yes, I also see today that many random episodes are missing from Crunchyroll on my WDTV Live box. I can still "Fling" some of these missing videos from Crunchyroll.com BUT they never play, just show a black screen when I hit the PLAY button.

P.S. - Couldn't fling Blast of Tempest Episode 18 -- "no video found on this page". sad
P.P.S. - Many (most?) of the remaining episodes that still show up on Flingo on my WDTV Live display a "Video Error" message if you try to play them.

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Hi, it has gotten worse today. Many new series have only one, two or three random episodes left and at least one of them is now an empty folder. I posted this issue at Crunchyroll's forum but no response as yet. Please let us know what's happening, thanks.


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Hi testflingo or anyone else,

No response from either you guys or Crunchyroll. Did someone mass move, rename or write over files at Crunchyroll or something? As of today, there are scores of empty folders both new and old series alike. Zero episodes. Many. Please reply, just let us know that someone is aware of the problem. Thanks.


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Hi, as of the time I'm posting this, here are a few stats about what is left of new or ongoing series on the CR channel on Flingo as seen by my WDTV Live Box compared to what's available to watch unsubscribed at the CR website:

AKB0048 next stage - 'No items in this feed' out of 6;
AMNESIA - 'No items in this feed' out of 6;
Blast of Tempest - eps 9 & 18 out of 18;
Chihayafuru 2 - 'No items in this feed' out of 6;
Cuticle Detective Inaba - 'No items in this feed' out of 7;
Gintama - 20 random episodes out of 261;
Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East - 'No items in this feed' out of 6;
Ixion Saga DT - eps 2 & 9 out of 18;
Kotoura-San - 'No items in this feed' out of 6;
Little Busters - ep 3 out of 18;
Love Live! School Idol Project - ep 1 out of 6;
Naruto Shippuden - 45 random episodes out of 300;
Oreshura - 'No items in this feed' out of 7;
Saki Episode of Side A - eps 1, 7 & 14 out of 14;
Shin Sekai Yori - ep 7 out of 19;
Space Brothers -eps 3, 7, 32 & 41 out of 45;
The Unlimited Hyobu Kyousuke - 'No items in this feed' out of 6;
Vividred Operation - 'No items in this feed' out of 5;

That's not a complete list...


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Same on this end. Everything started coming back and it was really great. But in the last 4 days everything on Crunchyroll (series/episodes) started to disappear. I was lucky to finally finish all of the Fist of the North Star series but had to miss episode 150 because it vanished. It's the same with the Worlds greatest first love series which I was in the middle of.
Crunchyroll still has no clue what the Launchpad app is because they still haven't replied back about this problem in their forum.
What a mess.

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There are very few episodes left.


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testtestflingo is working on it and will be posting an update here when there is news.  Hang on for a bit longer.


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Thanks for the update. Will of course wait, must be something technically complicated.


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naha wrote:

Thanks for the update. Will of course wait, must be something technically complicated.

Thank you all for your patience, with things happening near and over a weekend and other on going projects requiring their attention they are like mad jugglers keeping a dozen chainsaws in the air.


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Thank you guys, it looks like you've sorted it out. The only series still with missing episodes that I can see is GJ Club which CR only added quite recently, but I'm not bothered by one less harem anime.

Thanks for your hard work!


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I just sat down to watch Blast of Tempest Episode 19 (which was listed yesterday) but no joy. All of the Cruncyroll episodes appeared to have returned yesterday but now it looks like they're starting to disappear again. sad

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Yes, it's fine one day, gone the next. I appreciate this must be tiresome to you too. There is a lot of aggro at CR too, especially with paying members who get a raw deal with their expensive Smart TV or streaming devices not being able to stream paid content!

My other half wrote a stroppy post at their Forum. Our guess is that there's been so much file and folder movements by CR staff that the Flingo script cannot automatically cope with it. Am I correct?

It looks bad on Crunchyroll, not on Flingo. So just keep us updated, and keep up your good work!


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Same on this end. I held off from making a post until 2 days later to see if everything stayed as it was. I was watching eyeshield 21 until I started to notice that it skipped a few episodes. But by all means keep up the good work. smile


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Hi, I saw things back to normal yesterday about 0800 GMT then by about 1000 GMT files began disappearing like before, with some empty folders again. We were about to watch the latest episode of Chihayafuru 2 but it disappeared. Hope there will be a fix, thanks.


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The CR guys are annoying, I love their service but even after years of using it I've yet to buy a paid subscription because their support is terrible. 

Your app is fantastic, but it doesn't allow registered users to log in, so a paid subscription would be pointless.  I don't blame that on you, but rather I blame that on them. 

Over three years ago, I've suggested to them that they make a dedicated smart tv app.  Since then they've made a 360 app, a ps3 app, roku support ect....  Still no smart tv app.  The whole point of having a smart tv is so that you don't need 30 extra devices hooked up to your tv just to watch streaming video.

Their utter disregard for this app and how their changes to the site will effect it is extremely annoying as well.  I used to complain over there when things didn't work but I soon realized that their official stance is to do absolutely nothing and wait for the guys over here to fix it. 

They cause their own problems as well.  Why do they constantly re-arrange their structure?  Put the videos for DT in a


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At least I know it's not just me having this issues anymore..

I also noticed on the WD TV live unit the episodes appeared for a little while the other day, then it all went to crap again. I emailed a posted a forum message to support here and on the  WD, Crunchyroll sites,  days later and the only response i got back so for was from WD to reset my unit.

I really hope this gets resolved


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Hi, as of now Monday 4th March 2325 GMT the file & folder structure seems to work again, so I'm crossing my fingers that CR staff won't restructure it again. Thanks, testflingo, NC Bullseye & all of you guys at Flingo!