Topic: How to Fling from my website? What metadata can I get?


Got two questions. I am interesting with extending my website so users can Fling from it into the TV. How can I do that? I would like to extend my website with information about what user is currently watching when accessed from tablet, mobile or desktop. What kind of metadata I can except? Can you server metadata when user is watching regular broadcast channels like HBO, Canal+, RTL, Sat1?


Re: How to Fling from my website? What metadata can I get?

There are APIs available to the public for supporting fling.


A user can fling from a link in a web page

  <a href="http://flingo.tv/fling/a?url=U&title=Foo&description=Good+Show">Click here to fling </a>

U= link to MP4 file.

You can replace "Click here to fling" with a fling icon, which you can swipe from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flingo.  The wikipedia page also shows an example of embedding a fling link into a wiki page.

This will fling to Vizio, Western Digital live hub series, and Netgear NTV series boxes.