Topic: HTTP video streaming protocol

Just didn't know where to post it smile

I have web site with simple apache.
flv video files are stored and "just served" to flingo app in my WD.

Now I want to make support for seeking into video file: fast forward, rewind...
Can you tell me where I can find description of streaming protocol.
Or maybe you can tell what protocol for flv video file receiving/decoding flingo is supporting?

I think this info can be useful for all website owners who wants to support flingo.


Re: HTTP video streaming protocol

I bet you it would just work if you used H.264.

Flash renders FLV in software on most platforms.  Many devices cannot even play FLVs even though the UI is written in Flash.  However, H.264 is rendered in hardware and the hardware usually handles seeking.



Re: HTTP video streaming protocol

sorry to say that, but seeking in new flingo application just don't work smile