Topic: Flingo queue (only) failing

I am using a NEOTV 200 which I beleive uses Flingo for all it's video. All normal channels work fine.
When I try use to items in my queue from Youtube, only the spinning circle in the middle spins, I never get the circle on the upper right hand corner.
The Demo video does work.
Videos from my history that I have viewed in the past also do not work.
Date noticed is 15 Sep 2012.
I powered off an back on the device.
I can use the normal NEOTV channels that come preloaded and they say something akin to 'Provided by FLingo as each video loads. Just my person stuff is failing. I can fling into the queue fine. But when I select the video to watch, fail.

Examples of videos are the Corel Tutorials, 'People are Awesome' Earth is Amazing'.

The video's are viewable from a computer.

Hope that helps.

-= Bruce


Re: Flingo queue (only) failing

I have a similar or maybe the same problem. I have a Vizio Tv and I can see the youtube videos that I fling to it in the queue but when I try to play them I just get the circle spinning in the upper right corner until I cancel it.  This is a new problem. I have used the flingo feature in the past successfully.

Any help would be appreciated


Re: Flingo queue (only) failing

Hey guys,
This issue has been fixed. Please verify and let us know if you are still having any problems flinging from Youtube.
We apologize for the inconvenience.