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Not sure this is the right topic category, but ...

I have created two XBMC addons for Flingo; one that shows the queue and allows you to play vids and manage the queue, and a service that runs in the background doing the longpoll.  All public apis.  Works great except;

Most currently available Flingo source services serve flash from youtube which is protected by deobfuscators.  (1) I don't know the algorithm for applying a context to an deobfuscator to derive a url and (2) I don't know, but I doubt, that I have something I can use to execute .swf files on the XBMC target (a Raspberry Pi).  I *think* the xbmc player can do flash.

Any hints of directions I might pursue?  Some open source .swf execution environment that I might be able to compile on an arm?  Or, possibly a cloud service I can proxy the deobfuscator/context to and get a url in return?

This isn't the end of the world, but it would be nice to be able to use the published flingo providers.


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Hi andrew,

how do I install the plugin on xbmc raspbmc?
I tried downlading the repository as a zip & installing it, but complains on the format


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The github repo (https://github.com/peebles/xbmc-flingo-addons) contains two addons.  You need to create two .zip files and install each as a separate addon.


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ok, got it installed.

It's being recognized by Flingo, as XMBC flingo queue .... but nothing appeared after the 'succesfull' flung sad

Not sure it's a Raspbmc issue or Firewall or Flingo issue.
Which /var/log/* log file should I have a look at?


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Messages get logged into the xbmc log file; $XBMC_HOME/temp/xbmc.log.


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nothing special after flunging
just  NOTICE: [FlingoPlay] Error: FAILED TO LONGPOLL every once & then.

will check if it could be my access-list blocking something...