Topic: FAQ

How do I fling to a TV from a web page?

Add the fling bookmark from http://flingo.org to your browser bookmarks toolbar then go to youtube.com, vimeo.com, crunchyroll.com or any other supported site.  Find a video then click the bookmarklet.

How do I fling to a TV from my filesystem?

Go to github and download flingo desktop.  http://github.com/Flingo/Flingo/downloads.  This is an open-source experimental tool.

I click on the "fling" bookmark and I get the error "We have not discovered any Fling enabled device in your network."  What do I do?
  1. Do you have Vizio "VIA" Connected TV or Western Digital Live Hub or Live Hub Plus?

  2. Have you run the "Flingo" application on the Western Digital or "Web Videos" on your Vizio device?
      Until the application has been run, the device does not announce so we can't detect whether it exists.

  3. Is the Vizio or Western Digital connected to the network?

  4. Is your Vizio or Western Digital connected to the SAME network as your computer or mobile device?

  5. Is your Vizio or Western Digital connected to the same wireless router, NAT, or DSL router as your computer or mobile device?

If you answered yes to all of these then you probably have uncovered a bug and we beg you to post to the forum and we'll try to work it through with you.

What TVs or other media devices support fling?

All Vizio connected TVs.

All Western Digital WD TV Live  and Western Digital TV Live Plus HD Media Player set top boxes.

I flung a video, it appears in my queue, but it won't play on my TV.

This is likely an encode issue.  Not all TVs decode all videos.   See Encoding for the Vizio.

I flung a video, but it appears crappy on the TV.

This is also likely an encode issue.  If the video appears better on the web than in a TV it could also just be because the TV is larger and thus exposes limitations of the video encoding that might not appear on a smaller computer display.  See "Encoding for Vizio TVs."

Encoding for Vizio TVs

Here are some encoding specs for optimal playback on Vizio TV's.

Video Codec: H.264/AVC, Main or High Pro file to level 4.1
Audio Codec: AAC+ Level 2, AAC-HE
Containers: mp4, m4v
High Defi nition
Resolution Supports up to 1080p.
Bitrate Low: 1500 kb/s (if multiple bitrates are available, medium: 2000 kb/s, high: 2500 kb/s)
Please de-interlace content and maintain native framerate.
Standard De finition
Bitrate 1200 kb/s (if multiple encodes are available: medium 1600 kb/s, high:2000 kb/s)
Aspect Ratio Please maintain the native aspect ratio (4:3/16:9) Please crop let-
terboxing/pillarboxing and maintain native framerate.
Please de-interlace content.