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I have a Vizio M470SV and I can fling most anything from Youtube but I noticed with anything under the VEVO name it says playback error. What can I do?


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Can you provide a link to a specific example?


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These are two of the ones I have had issues with


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I am having the same issue with my Vizio tv. I tried his two links and got playback error, also!

Has You tube recently changed audio formats?


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We verified with both vidoes that Vizio do not support those codecs.

@DVDCTS, any problem with Audio within the app ?



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the message states "video playback error" then it takes you back to your queue.  All the videos including the ones that wouldn't play are still there.  It doesn't just happen on Vevo either...it's happening on dozens of vids...I noticed it started happening after Win 8 came out...is there a new authoring codec on Win 8?

Here are some examples:

a LOT of vids still work but will there be codec compatibility updates?

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This is the same problem that I'm having on my wdtv live.

It only started happening a few weeks ago and they play fine if I play them from the youtube app on the wdtv live. It is mostly vevo branded videos but it happens for others as well.



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No.  Audio issue isn't with Flingo. I was only wondering if it could cause an issue?

I play a lot music from Youtube thru my Iphone or Itouch to my Denon receiver using a dock. With my Klipsch speakers I notice a huge amount of hiss that wasn't present a couple of months ago. Even when I use the artist's actual videos.


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Just pushed a fix.  Please try playing some VEVO content.



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We updated fling to work with Vevo. Let us know if you have any problems with any videos.