Topic: Request & Bugfix for Crunchyroll WD TV etc..

I couldn't find a place to post a request for these changes/fixes, so I'll add it here.. Hopefully someone will read these and be able to implement it...

There's over 600 series on Crunchyroll, it's almost impossible to navigate through the one long 600+ item list with only the down button on the remote as your control.. (with the WD TV Live streaming unit.)
The WD repeats only 4-5 "downs" per hold of the  "down" button, causing a load delay each time you let go of the button, then add the delay between loading pages etc.. we're talking extremely slow and painful..

Is it possible to divide those 600+ series into "subfolders" that are alphabetical... numbered 1-20.. gendre.. anything.. that has the lists or series limited to 10-20 series in size.. and also allow for the page up/ page down keys to work when going through a list.

Fligo/Launchpad only seems to "scrape" the episode names, without any assocication to the series they came from. So the "Featured" items list and the fling queue just shows "Epsiode number - Episode Name", but no reference to a series name at all. It would be nice (more like common sense) If these items were listed by "Series Name - Episode Number".

The search suffers from the same problem rendering it useless. It only uses text from the episode names in the search, since 99% of crunchy roll's content are tv series, it's completely impossble to "search" for a whole series unless you know the name of each episode from that series.. again complete lack of common sense... Is it possible to replace the search, to search ONLY based on the series name, and the search results return all the episodes for any series it finds.

lastly a method to increase the size of the video buffer, or be able to pick the lower quality stream on any site that supports this, I much prefer watching constant fuzzy pixelated video to endless stuttering and pauses of 20 secs for every watchable minute..

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Re: Request & Bugfix for Crunchyroll WD TV etc..

We are well aware of these issues. The UI doesn't handle well the case of Crunchyroll and some other Publishers which have huge collections. Also, the Flash UI is rigid and not easy to change. We are re-prioritizing our tasks to handle these issues.

To give you guys an update on our current development, device manufacturers are moving to HTML5 on their platforms and we are bringing a brand new HTML5 based UI which is much more flexible and well designed. We have taken into consideration all the limitations and wrong design decisions and tried to address them in the best way we can. 

Apologies for the inconvenience.