Topic: Synch with Crunchyroll

First let me apologize if I posted this is in the wrong place.

I just saw the Launchpad App on my Tivo and checked it out and woah, liking it. 

I have two questions:

1.  Is there or will there be a way to log into my Crunchyroll account and update the Flingo queue?

2.  Can I access my Flingo queue from my laptop and update it or do I have to do that via Tivo?

Thanks for any help/answer you can give me.


Re: Synch with Crunchyroll

You can go to crunchyroll.com and fling any videos which don't require subscription. You can do this from your laptop. Checkout http://flingo.org to see a demo video on how to do it.
What you are asking is not supported verbatim though.