Topic: WD TV Live Flingo app just died


I flung a video for the first time using the Flingo bookmarklet in Firefox on my laptop and walla... the Flingo app died on my WD TV Live box with message "Network Connection Lost! A valid internet connection is required to use this application."

When I checked flingo.org, the website is down.

Are these two events inter-related, or did I just fry the Flingo app? My WD's YouTube and Dailymotion apps are working fine.

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Re: WD TV Live Flingo app just died


It has been more than 3 hours since Flingo's web outage, which seems to have killed my WD TV Live Flingo app.

Any help or comment is much appreciated, thanks.


Re: WD TV Live Flingo app just died

Your message has been forwarded to the engineers and hopefully they will get things handled soon. Thanks for hanging in there!


Re: WD TV Live Flingo app just died

Hey there,

The Flingo app on WD TV came back after the flingo website came back. So they are related. Thanks!

P.S: By the way please could you tell me if anyone has included Samba in their Smart TVs or media players? Exciting stuff, but the Samba website is more like marketing to manufacturers.