Topic: Missing Crunchyroll episodes

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Subject: crunchyroll on launchpad missing episodes

I am watching Crunchyroll via a Sony Blueray  laser disk player using internet streaming.
App on Sony Player is "launchpad" (in same menu as "Hulu", "Netflix", etc)
The widget is "Launchpad" which mentions that it's "Fueled by Flingo".
which allows me to select "Crunchyroll" from a submenu.
We just got into "Letter Bee" but via Launchpad it is missing "Letter Bee" Episodes 6& 8 .
I can get them all  it fine directly from Crunchyroll from my laptop
any ideas or help? Crunchyroll support sent me here.

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Re: Missing Crunchyroll episodes

Now I find that many if not most of the letter bee episodes above Ep 8 are corrupt and will not play.

Is there any support from Flingo, or must I resort to downloading from various anime sites?