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I recently bought an NTV300 device, and discovered Flingo. But Flinging videos through Flingo Desktop, I realized that only .mp4 videos I flung would actually play in my NTV300; yet most of my videos are .mkv's. Furthermore, I can't play the videos with subtitles. Now, I don't know enough about video codecs, formats, transcoding and such subjects. I am trying to use Avidemux to transcode, but my first attempt failed: I get the audio, but the image is black.

What I really want to ask is for some guidance. I want to know which settings to use to get my flung videos to play in my NeoTV, and with subtitles, if possible. I watch many foreign movies.

I hope this is the right place to ask. I know there is the Netgear forums, but not many people there seem to be using Flingo, and most of the support is directed at the higher-end models.

Thank you in advance, and thank you for creating Flingo. It's an amazing project. smile

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Re: NeoTV NTV300 - Transcoding

Sorry to bump this up, but... Any support in this area? It would be truly appreciated. Thanks!