Topic: Flingo NLA on Netgear NTV 300

I received the following reply from Netgear:

With the information that you have provided, my sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you, unfortunately the Fling Queue channel is not anymore available on the updated software of your NTV300. The Fling Queue channel is not supported or affiliated anymore with NETGEAR. We also cannot revert the channel since the Fling Queue developer may have remove their connection to NETGEAR

Very nice of them to provide this info but as Flingo is my favorite AP on my NTV 300 it is now not much use to me. Does Flingo itself have any comments on this reply from Netgear.



Re: Flingo NLA on Netgear NTV 300

I have a NETGEAR N150 and I am no longer able to watch Crunchyroll. (All other Flingo channels work perfectly.) This is especially frustrating since I purchased an Insignia TV with Flingo built in! Any word?