Topic: mac download not working

Hi guys,

I have a western digital device and I'd like to download the flingo app on my mac. However it isn't
working, whenever I try to download from the github site I get this :

AccessDeniedAccess Denied7053E3C598BE182A44r6b27KEraZY9ldY7mmzRG4CyYGrAvmYe8kaW5MdSaDjF0c/F2nrMSwjH9axpYe

What am I doing wrong here ?

Kind regards


Re: mac download not working

Same here! What's up?

Windows version downloads fine...


Re: mac download not working

Thank you for reporting this and we will have it back online shortly.

- Todd

In the meantime you can download the dmg here : http://static.flingo.tv/flingo.dmg

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Re: mac download not working

We also had a partner implement fling at youtubesocial.com.  You can go visit the site, find a video, invite some friends, and fling the video to your TV.


Re: mac download not working

I reuploaded a build and was able to download it. I think this we stumbled across a github bug.