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First, I'd like to invite others to use this topic to share any useful information regarding encoding video files for use with Flingo on a variety of platforms.

Second, I'd like to share settings that I've found to work for Flinging video content from the desktop to the Web Videos application running on a 47" Vizio VIA TV.  The Handbrake CLI command is as follows (note that this does not include the source/target information):

-f mp4 -O --encoder x264 --vb 1000 --strict-anamorphic --maxWidth 720 --aencoder faac --ab 128 --arate 48 --mixdown 6ch -x level=30:bframes=0:cabac=0:ref=1:vbv-maxrate=768:vbv-bufsize=2000:analyse=all:me=umh:no-fast-pskip=1:subq=6:8x8dct=0:trellis=0:weightb=0:mixed-refs=1

I think these settings give a good compromise between quality and encoding time.

A few important things to point out... The -O option enables the "Web Optimized" setting, which allows videos too large to be wholly buffered on the TV to play.  The --vb option is set to 1000, which is the video bitrate.  This website suggests that this value may need to be adjusted depending on the user's network speed, and it also hints at other settings that are supposed to be supported on platforms running Yahoo TV Widgets.

I've found HandBrake used in conjunction with HandBrake Batch Encoder to be very useful when converting entire folders to the correct format to be queued via Flingo.

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Hey AMansfield.

Thanks for the CLI command and the link over to the batch encoder app.  That will be handy for several tasks.

I have the same Vizio VIA 47" LCD so I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction.

I encoded a few videos with your suggested settings and can get them on the Web Video QUEUE on my TV.  When I try to PLAY them, however, nothing happens.  I just get the spinning wheel icon in the upper right. 

When I hit the right or left wheel buttons I see that it is at 00:00:00 / 00NaN:00:00Nan (paraphrased a bit).

That makes me think that one of two things is happening:
1) The TV can't read the videos because of the encoding.
2) I am missing some network firewall setting to allow the actual streaming.

Any tips?  Thanks.


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There is a newer version of the Handbrake BatchEncoder which supports .m2ts (Sony AVCHD) files:



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You could try adjusting the --vb option down to a lower rate if your network is a bit on the slow side (for example, if you're not using a wireless N router or direct connection).  You could also try Flinging to another computer that's running the demo page (see the Developer section of this site) to test the network although if you see them showing up in the queue that would indicate it probably is an issue with the encoding.

Also make sure you're using a fairly up-to-date version of the desktop app.  (Very similar behavior was occurring in a version that used an HTTP GET instead of a POST).


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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, my network is slower.  I'm doing wireless and it isn't N.

I am running your 1/27/2011 version.

Am I running the app correctly?  I right-click and do Set Directory.  I point that to the folder with my encoded videos.  Then I un-check and re-check Fling Directory.

Is that all I need to do?  On the TV side I've noticed that going from Queue to Search to Queue seems to force a refresh from the Flingo app.  Am I correct in that assumption?  I also feel like I've seen a video show up in the Queue without touching the TV remote...but I can't figure out the timing on that.  I feel like opening and closing the Flingo Desktop app also forces various refreshes.  What is the correct (and minimal) path I should be taking on all of these steps after encoding a new video?

I tried a --vb 100 so far...no luck.  The --100 videos don't show up on my Queue.  I'm trying other --vb settings now.  I can't wait to get this all set up!  Thanks again for your hard work.


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I ran an ethernet cable over just to check.  Same results.  It must be the encoding...


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With the ability to do batch encoding within the GUI for HandBrake, I would like to set up a Custom Preset with the values that you list above for the CLI but am having trouble translating the CLI arguments to the GUI.  Is there an easy way to put the CLI settings above into a HandBrake Custom Preset?


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Have you tried encoding settings described here?


Files so encoded seem to work well on my Vizio sv422xvt.



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This works great for me in reencoding my Sony AVCHD .m2ts files. The files are in 1440x1080 resolution at PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) 1.333.  I am converting to 1920x1080 (1080p) and deinterlacing, etc:

-f mp4 -O --detelecine --decomb --denoise="medium" --encoder x264 --vb 6000 -w 1920 -l 1080 -r 59.94 --aencoder faac --ab 128 --arate 48 --mixdown 6ch -x level=30:bframes=3:ref=3:vbv-maxrate=768:vbv-bufsize=2000:analyse=all:me=umh:no-fast-pskip=1:subq=6:8x8dct=0:trellis=0:weightb=0:mixed-refs=1 

The files play great over an 802.11n network.

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