Topic: flinging multiple videos

When I click the bookmark to fling a vid, it has a box asking if I want to "Fling All" and in the box with the video it has a checkbox that is checked by default.  I'm thinking this must have to do with lining up a series of videos to fling all at once.   Is this what it is for and how do I accomplish this ?


Re: flinging multiple videos

Right you are.

I am writing the support for multi-fling as I write... or well... it's open in another window.  I'll have that feature up shortly.



Re: flinging multiple videos

Support for multiple fling is now available.



Re: flinging multiple videos

I was wondering; is there a limit on how many videos I can fling at once??

I want to fling all the videos on a youtube member's sub-channel (71 videos).
(thegeekgroup  equipment autopsy)

I have made sure that all are listed on the same page (no page 2, 3, etc.).

When I try to fling, the 1st 25 or so are available (the remainder are on the screen; but grayed out) with the option to fling all.  I select fling all, and only the top videos get flung.

If there is a limit; how can I get the rest of them added to the queue.  (when I go back to fling the next section of videos; all I can access are the ones already added)  I know I can filter the already queued ones out and try again; but I was hoping for a easier method.