Topic: "Remote flinging"?

Well, I just popped my flingo cherry. Fun app!  (Of course, with such a geek-chic app like this, it's only appropriate that I "flinged" the trailer for "Knights of Badassdom", so that my wife could watch it after work on our Vizio.)

But, considering this very scenario is what I thought of when I first heard of flingo a couple months ago, I wonder if there's a way for (or planned future development of) flinging a video from a location outside the network, probably with some sort of account-credential system.  Here's my idea:

- At work, a friend sends me a link to a great video.
- "My wife would love this," but alas, she doesn't have sound on her computer at work.  (I wish I was kidding.)
- No problem! With my account-enabled flingo bookmarklet I fling it to flingo, and flingo recognizes it as coming from me, so it queues it up for my "account." (i.e., for my IP, and all the flingo-enabled devices on my network at home.)

This would be a GREAT enhancement, and, unless I'm hopelessly naive about internet security, I don't see too much of a security hole as long as you require the flingo user to set up their "account" within their own network. 

Even if you can't though: cool stuff, guys.


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Re: "Remote flinging"?

We have long talked about adding remote access tokens or using accounts/OAuth.

It is coming.