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ok silly question,i have a wdtv for watching movies on my hd,my wdtv is not connected to the internet yet but i just came accros flingo so what is avilable to watch on it,is it stuff just off youtube like video clips or is thre alot more to see,thanx


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youtube, vimeo, crunchyroll for now.


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I bought a Vizio Smart tv , I would like to see  youtube.  What I should do for Included youtube in my Smart tv?.



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Drag-and-drop the flingo bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar in a reasonably recent browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9).  The bookmarklet is at http://flingo.org.   Then go to youtube and click the bookmark while on just about any youtube page.  Click the videos you want to watch.  On your Vizio TV, open the "Web Videos" app and go to your queue.
The videos your selected using the bookmark should be visible.  Select one and hit play.  It will just keep playing them in the order they appear in the queue.