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(THIS IS AN OLD POST.  THE YOUTUBE BOOKMARKLET HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THE FLING BOOKMARKLET.  Go to http://flingo.org and drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.)

Try this out.  If it works widely, I'll put it on flingo.org/users.html.

It should allow you to fling any youtube video from youtube directly to your WD TV Live Hub or WD TV Live Hub Plus.

1. Highlight the code below and drag and drop it to your bookmark bar.

javascript:(function(){var index=location.href.indexOf("v=");if(location.href.indexOf("youtube.com")<0||location.href.indexOf("watch?")<0||index<0){return;}var videoID;if(location.href.lastIndexOf("&")<index){videoID=location.href.substring(index+2,location.href.length);}else{videoID=location.href.substring(index+2,index+2+location.href.substring(index+2,location.href.length-1).indexOf("&"));}var req=new XMLHttpRequest();var url="http://flingo.tv/fling/fling?"+"title="+escape(document.title)+"&deobfuscator="+escape("http://flingo.tv/swf/youtube/YouTubeDeobfuscator.swf")+"&context="+escape(location.href)+"&image="+escape("http://i4.ytimg.com/vi/"+videoID+"/hqdefault.jpg");req.open("GET",url);req.send();})(); 

2. Go to any youtube page, click the bookmark, and the video on the web page should appear in the flingo queue.


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Holy!#!  That's awesome.

Surfing around youtube queueing up videos.


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Let me amend that.  It is hypnotic.  I queued up dozens of YouTube videos and just let it play in the background on the TV.

1. If only I could create playlists or use YouTube playlists.
2. To start the first video playing, I have to hit play on my remote control.  It then plays one after another automatically from the queue, which is what I want.  However it would be nice if the bookmark would start the video playing.  Even better if hitting a bookmark could start up Flingo and begin playing the video.  I would like to be able to control the TV from my laptop without having to grab my remote.

Has Youtube contacted you about integrating this into their site?

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i second dilen on this! i have friends who post a lot of videos on their facebook walls, it would be great if there was a way to fling youtube (or any vids) straight from a wall post too


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We now know why this doesn't work on Vizio TVs.  It is due to a difference in security behavior.  We issued a patch and are working it through Vizio.  Unfortunately this requires an update of Vizio firmware so it might take some time for it get into people's homes.



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I have a Vizio XVT Tv. the video shows up as flung content, but when i press OK, i get a video play back error.
There was a recent update to my VIZIO TV and the default logo changed, So I was hoping your firmware update would have gone through too.
It would be awe some if i could fling youtube videos to the TV,


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I just go this vizio and I have the app. I figured out how to fling the videos. Now I can't get them to play. Can someone please help me. I feel like this app is useless. i don't want to feel that way. sad


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Just started using this today on my WDTV Live, works like a dream. cool

Is there any way to do the same for Vimeo or Apple Trailers?


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works great, thanks.  how about espn, mlb, nfl, nba, etc.  just sub url???


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The youtube bookmarklet is quite specific to youtube.  Using this paradigm we would have to deploy a separate bookmarklet for each website.

I created a more generic fling bookmarklet which is now available on http://flingo.org.  It moves the youtube specifics into our backend.  The only supported websites right now are youtube and flingo.org, but we can add support for more websites without requiring the deployment of new bookmarklets.  We have yet to decide in what order this will happen.



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Dave I'm guessing that Vizio is still not working with youtube page. I get playback error form your test video?


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Still waiting for Vizio to issue a firmware update.  Then Vizio will support bookmarklets.


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From a Vizio TV user, the youtube videos still don't work... sad  Just an update.


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I am a new Vizio M221NV user and I have a bunch of youtube vids in my "Queue" and I can watch them fine. The problem is once I hit play on any of the videos, the video is automatically removed once I go back into my queue. My question is HOW DO I TRANSFER VIDEOS FROM MY QUEUE TO "FAVORITES" ON MY VIZIO SO THAT I MAY KEEP THE VIDEOS AND WATCH THEM OVER AND OVER? (It's a pain to have to fling them into my queue every time I want to view them)
Any help would be very much appreciated!! smile

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This is the most requested feature.  It is difficult to do for youtube videos with the current Vizio firmware.  We are trying to get them to update.  The solution has been available to Vizio for several months.


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The youtube bookmarklet has been superseded by the fling bookmarklet which supports a wider range of sites.
Go to http://flingo.org and drag the bookmarklet to your browser bookmark bar.


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Thank you for the clarification! I had been wondering if there was any useful difference to use this one instead.

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I have used  fling on my new Vizio TV twice before without any problems, but when trying to fling some videos tonight I get this message:  We found no fling enabled device in your network.  I haven't changed  anything.


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Usually this occurs when you are not on the same network with the TV.