Topic: Flinging to Playback from Website

I was using the Flingo demo page on my laptop while debugging some Flingo desktop application modifications.  I flung a file residing on the laptop to the demo webpage and started to play it.  The really cool thing is, is that the laptop completely lacks the codecs to play this video!  I eluded to how cool this was in another post a while back, but it just dawned on me how the Flingo mechanism could be come even more useful...what if there was a website that was very similar to the demo page (minus the Vizio TV Web Videos look and feel) that you could fling the files to so that playback would be possible without having to worry about codecs on the current device you're viewing from.  The new website would handle all the codecs you could throw at it.


Re: Flinging to Playback from Website

The best I can figure is that you are able to play it in the browser because the video is a format supported by Adobe Flash.  Flingo does not transcode the video. 

Of course the Flingo desktop application could transcode and a flingo-enabled web site could transcode uploaded content.  Both would be way useful.