Topic: Normalize the GUID Reference

On the "For Developers" page, the reference to GUID is inconsistent.  For example, the JSON dict example specifies "guid" as the services globally unique identifier, but the actual "lookup" API currently (changed recently because it "broke" my version of the desktop app) returns the GUID in the "model_id" key.  Also, the "fling" API uses the "guid" key as a URL parameter.  I would suggest just reverting the "lookup" API JSON dict back to the way it used to be with respect to the GUID.


Re: Normalize the GUID Reference

Also, the guid feature seems to be broken right now too...  It was working on my fork of the Flingo Desktop App, but now nothing is flung when I attempt to specify a guid.  The only thing that works is flinging to everything.


Re: Normalize the GUID Reference

I think you are misinterpreting the meaning of model id.

If you have one of the first Vizio connected TV models, Vizio passed no model_id to the flingo applicaiton and the model_id defaulted to a test string:


which is a developer's joke, i.e., "a bad baby."  This has nothing to do with Vizio, this same string was default with all platforms we were working on.  If you see this string for the model id, it is not a guid.  For backwards compatibility we kept the string and mapped it onto a more detailed description for Vizio TVs for which we have no more specific model id.

I extended the lookup to include a lot more information about the device. For example,

 "services": [
      "name": "Dave's TV", 
      "service": "", 
      "model_id": "abadbabeeeabadbabeeeabadbabeeeabadbabeee", 
      "external_ip": "", 
      "make": "vizio", 
      "version": "1.0.22", 
      "t": 1295697859, 
      "model": "GenericXVT", 
      "guid": "86505590b79af811ede8d586dcb887f1a6c0367b", 
      "port": 0, 
      "description": "Vizio generic flat panel LCD"



Re: Normalize the GUID Reference

I will push some fixes tomorrow.  Getting sleepy.


Re: Normalize the GUID Reference

Ok, I was getting confused when I saw what seemed to be a guid show up in another spot in the lookup.  In the desktop app, I've swithced the URL parameter back to the correct one ('guid').