Topic: 55 led lcd. wont catch a fling.........:)

downloaded flingo to my computer but it keeps saying i have no  flingable  device

i have  led lcd  vizio.  it is connected to the  network .

also when i got to youtube. i cant find the fling button anywhere.


Re: 55 led lcd. wont catch a fling.........:)

I'm sorry.  I didn't see this post for some reason.

Were you able to resolve this problem?

The fling button is a bookmarklet.  You can get it from flingo.org's homepage.
Youtube itself does not put fling buttons on its site.
youtubesocial and nemflingo.dk put fling buttons right on the page.

Verify for me that the you can see no devices.

From a laptop go to your browser and go to http://flingo.tv/fling/lookup.
This should list all devices in your network.  If it is empty then fling truly cannot find your device.    If a device appears then then you are running into a legitimate bug in our code.  If no device appears then may I ask how the TV and the device are connected to the network?   Do you go through a NAT?