Topic: Flinging in emails, chats, and tweets.

You can now fling something simply by sending an URL in an email, instant message, or tweet.  The receiver clicks on the link and the referenced video is flung to Flingo-enabled devices in the receiver's network.

To create a fling link, simply prepend the fling URL to a page URL.  For example, to create a link that flings a video on the web page http://example.com/index.html, prepend the fling URL as follows:


Here http://example.com/index.html is the URL of a web page containing a video and not the URL of the video itself  The page URL version works only with supported websites.  Currently this works only with youtube.com and flingo.org since inferring the video URL from the page URL requires some domain-specific code in the flingo backend.

You can fling without requiring custom code in the flingo backend by specifying the URL of the video directly.