Topic: Fling from blogs, wikis, forums, and youtube video pages.

We have greatly expanded the applicability of fling.

You can now fling via any place you can post a URL.  For example, clicking the link below will fling Big Buck Bunny from this forum:


You can also fling a youtube video from this forum, such as,


flings the video on our flingo.tv youtube page.

You can fling a video from your own youtube page by including a fling link in the video description.  As an example, visit our youtube at http://youtube.com/flingotv and click the link in the derscription http://flingo.tv/fling/a.  Notice that there are no arguments passed to this URL.  This same link will fling whatever video is on the youtube video page where the link is found.

You can also put a fling button on any wikipedia page.  For an example, visit our wikipedia  page.