Topic: Flinging from websites to TVs.

Flingo is now available for any website to fling videos to any fling-enabled TV. Flung videos appear in the TV in the user's fling queue.  Flingo can also fling from anywhere a user can put a hyperlink which includes emails, tweets, instant messages, wikis, blogs, forums, and youtube video descriptions.

Flingo is designed to work within the constraints imposed by Flash Lite, Flash, or web browser security sandboxes: videos can be flung from any web browser to any flash or web-capable TV, blu-ray, mobile, or other device running a fling-enabled app.

Flingo is installed out-of-the-box in Vizio VIA TVs in their "Web Videos" app. This works with TVs already in people's homes. Videos flung appear in the queue of the "Web Videos" app.

Flingo is available to websites for free for commercial and non-commercial uses.

Check out the demo at http://flingo.org