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The desktop app was working just fine until I got the latest Vizio update.  Now I get HTTP Error #415 (Unsupported Media Type) debug messages printed when I run the Python script.  Any ideas?  I've tried naming the file .mp4 instead of .m4v, but it didn't work...

By the way, I've tried with the demo webpage too and still get the same error message - very strange.

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Re: Unsupported Media Type

The solution is to use a GET instead of a POST for the HTTP request.  I have no idea what changed, but I noticed that the script posted by mcg works.  The difference between his script and Flingo Desktop App is that he is using GET and the app was using POST.


Re: Unsupported Media Type

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Re: Unsupported Media Type

I would love for someone in the community pick up the desktop portion of fling.  It is open source.

It needs to perform transcoding to formats that are playable by the device receiving the fling.  Supported encodings are usually known... most devices support H.264/MP4 although there may be some parameter tweakage for one device or another.