Topic: Introducing Flingo SyncApps: Applications that synchronize to live TV.

imdb.com asks, "what the user is currently watching?"  It then shows the associated metadata on its homepage.

Amazon.com asks, "what were the last 4 ads to play?"  It then shows the corresponding items on its homepage.

tv.com asks, "what is the user watching?" and makes recommendations for similar programs the user might like.

SyncApps are first screen, second screen, and web apps that synchronize to what is playing on the TV including live broadcast TV.

APIs are available at http://flingo.org/developers/syncapps

Shazam and Intonow on second screen devices require access to a microphone to discover what is playing on the TV.
SyncApps APIs require only access to HTTP provided the TV supports SyncApps.  Meaning Shazam and Intonow do not bridge to the web.  SyncApps can be used from any web page as well as from any app on a PC or mobile device even when microphone access is not available.

Like Shazam and Intonow, Flingo's SyncApps uses digital fingerprinting to identify content.  With SyncApps, the fingerprinting takes place inside the TV rather than in your mobile device.  TVs that support SyncApps identify what is playing at all times so that second screen apps can find out what is playing now and what was playing five minutes ago including that advertisement the user just missed because he was fumbling to pull out his phone.
It also means that an application using the SyncApps api can track what a user is watching as they flip through channels without requiring the viewer to tell everyone to shush while repeatedly hitting a button to listen to the audio coming from the TV.

For more info see
http://www.marketwatch.com/story/flingo … 2012-01-09

SyncApps will soon be used by A&E and History channel.  More to come...