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Purchased a Vizio M3D550SR TV. Trying to register for Flingo but it's telling me I need IE 9 >.  I'm using 9.0.8112.16421 64 bit.


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I need IE 9 >.  I'm using 9.0.8112.16421 64 bit.

Hmmm... Is this happening when you try to drag or click on the "fling" button on flingo.org or happening when you try flinging from a particular web site?

Trying to register for Flingo

No need to register for flingo.



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OK.. when I touch the Fling 'Drag to bookmarks' it's giving me this error.


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Please.  In your browser go to http://whatsmyuseragent.com/

Cut and paste the user agent string to the forum.


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Hi Dave.  I also have the M3D550SR, and have been unable to watch any videos using the "Web Videos" app, either by itself or with flingo.

Systems is as follows:  TV as listed, with ethernet connection to a NetworkAnywhere hub, which is connected to a Lynksys WRT54G router, which is then connected to internet modem for DSL.  I have tried disabling all firewalls with no success.

Computer is running Windows XP on the same network, also connected by ethernet.  I have tried both the bookmark and the stand alone program.

Here is what happens.  When I first open the app on the TV, I get a progress bar that says something like "loading" (I am at work so can't look at it now to get exact wording).  Next, I get a message that says "error loading feed."

When I attempt a fling on the computer from youtube, the drop down says "unknown device" but it says that the fling is successful.

After that, I go to the queue and all that happens is the circular throbber just continues to circle.  I have let it run as long as five minutes with no change.

Other apps such as HuluPlus, Vudu, Accuweather and most others have no trouble accessing the internet and work fine.  The only other apps that seem to have any problem are Yahoo! apps that require a sign-in.  Yahoo stuff that I don't have to sign in to work fine also.

And finally:


If that is helpful.  Hope I have given enough information to be useful.  Any advice on what I can do to get this working would be appreciated.  We would really like to be able to view some youtube videos on this TV.

Oh, we have also tried the fling bookmark from a different computer, using Windows 7 and Firefox on a laptop connected by WiFi.


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When I drag the Flingo icon to my favorites bar, I'm asked if I want to add this bookmarklet. I click Yes and absolutely nothing happens - am I the only one with this problem?