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C root wide open on HTTP port 8080. Not cool man!


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Okay, okay. I get it, that's how it works with twisted and all. But isn't there another way, like trusting only the IPs compatible devices and using a nonstandard port?

Also, the desktop application only works for files on the root partition. That's plain ridiculous, as I have a whole file server of stuff that it won't "see."


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There's a "beta" version (for Windows) of the desktop application that I posted on github (under downloads) that should, if working correctly, leave every drive letter "wide open" on 8080. wink


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The "wide open drives" is a problem.  I have demoted fling desktop by removing the "download" link from the flingo.org home page.  A link still appears on the flingo.org "developers" page.  When we have fixed some of the core usability and security issues, I'll promote it back to the front page.