Topic: fling/fling does not honor metadata

If I fling a video from my local "media server", called: … HADOWS.m4v

and I pass in my own title, description and image, it appears that on the NTV200s and on the Visio M32OSL, that they ignore my metadata and (apparently) based on the filename, fetch and use their own.  In this example, they get the title and description from the internet ok, but the image fails and I get black boxes.  If however, I send a video url like "myown.m4v", then my title, description and image are honored.

I think title, description and image if provided in the fling/fling call should take precidense, no?


Re: fling/fling does not honor metadata

You are correct about the current behavior.  In the backend, I call a "metadizer."  I have separate metadizers for different domains.  For domains for which I have a metadizer, whatever the metadizer returns takes precedence. 

For domains for which there is no metadizer or for a fling from a private IP address, it should honor your metadata.

metadizers do have the ability to return default_title, default_description, and default_image which can be overridden by the arguments to http://flingo.tv/fling/fling....  I am looking through the source code for various metadizers and it appears that most of them choose to return an authoritative title rather than a default_title.

I could go through and make them return default_title, default_description, and default_image so that they are overridable if there is demand for it.