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Hi there,

Can I control the playback (play / stop / pause / fwd / rwd) from the web site after flinging the video to the TV? From your developer web page, it sounds like it's feasible.

It would be nice if I could, as an option, continue the player navigation from my pc / mobile devices.




Re: Controlling playback from the web site

That will be possible in a future release. 

I implemented a remote API for Western Digital Live boxes that runs WDLXTV.  Pretty sweet.  I can fling from my desktop and it starts playing immediately regardless of where I am on the WD .  Completely sidesteps having to start an application to play a video.

Using bookmarklets I can also control all of the functions of the western digital.   Great when I am using a web browser on my laptop... but bookmarklets are a !@#! on ipads or iphones.

What kind of device are you using for playback?



Re: Controlling playback from the web site

Dave, this is very cool feature.
Cant' wait to try it smile


Re: Controlling playback from the web site

I pushed the WDLXTV web services remote control API to the open source repository at Flingo.

It is a bit involved to get this to work because you have to update your WDTV to use a custom build


You then have to create a USB stick that runs a boot script to start the remote control web service.

This web services API allows you to control the WD by sending an HTTP POST to port 8080 for example using


Replace with the IP address of your WD.  The WD will also fling announce itself.

I enabled HTTP GET as well because that is easier to use, although POST is a more appropriate choice since POST may change state while GET is merely supposed to return state.

Other commands include: … om/foo.mp4  // other fling arguments.

'play' beings playing immediately.

The 'power' function only works if the WD has been booted at least once after any time it has been unplugged.

'ok' and 'enter' mean the same thing.



Re: Controlling playback from the web site

Just a cute aside...

If you know the IP address of your WDLXTV, which you can know by from the network settings or you can call


You can then create bookmarks in your browser to act as remote control buttons.

Add a bookmarklet to

where is the IP of your WDLXTV.

Now you can pause and unpause your WD from the bookmark.



Re: Controlling playback from the web site

Maybe you could give the address to the open source repository at Flingo?
I didn't find it on the site