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It would be really helpful to be able to clear the queue for a given GUID. I added a folder via the flingo desktop app and now my queue is over 200 items, 99% of which don't play (NTV200 -- probably codec issues?) and any new item is getting added at the bottom of the queue. That would mean scrolling down a gazillion times to get to the newly flinged video.


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To see your device's info including the guid.


Clears your queue.



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Thank you! Worked perfectly.


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Well, I have not used the unit for a while (4-6 weeks). Now when I turned it on and installed the upgrade (to 1.01.22), I am no longer able to fling videos from YouTube or clear my queue (the demo video).

When I call the discover api, I do get the device info (including the GUID). Weird. Is it possible that the new software upgrade broke something? The clear_queue calls now return false every time. I should have known better to not upgrade, its usually nothing but trouble.

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There was an accidental push on non-QA'd code.  I have duly chastised the responsible party.  :-)



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What's the current status of the Clear script? I am running Flingo Launchpad on recently purchaqsed WD TV Live and installed your beta Windows Fling app to try it out. Couldn't find a list of supported codecs so Flingd an AVI from my hard drive to the WD TV Live. The AVI made it to the queue but received an unsupported codec error. Since there appears to be no item delete function in the Launchpad, I assume that the only way items leave the queue is by successful play. That is not happening. Tried opening the above two URLS and received a 'FALSE' response on the first, and simply a listing of the page code in the second. So which codecs are supported by the beta app and how do I deleted the unsupported codec entry?


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Try this. http://flingo.tv/fling/clear