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naha wrote:

Hi, as of now Monday 4th March 2325 GMT the file & folder structure seems to work again, so I'm crossing my fingers that CR staff won't restructure it again. Thanks, testflingo, NC Bullseye & all of you guys at Flingo!

Glad to hear that's there's some improvement. I wish I could take credit but I'm just the janitor here and I'm supposed to unchain the engineers for the weekends.

I'm sure that test will be checking in soon since we got him trapped again and fed so he's diligently working on problems that arise.


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Lookin' good! Many thanks for the fix and a great service.


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Everything is staying put! I cross my fingers that there won't be any major problems that aren't easy to fix. Thanks you guys!!


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Hey guys,
We have restored Crunchyroll along with other services on all platforms. We are fixing minor issues and also updating apps with new features. We are continuously watching it so nothing goes wrong, but keep us posted. You guys rock !!

Test wink


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Just a tiny problem because I think their moving files again, but episodes are starting to dissapear again. Just started Eyeshield 21, season 2 episode 53 but 54 and some others are missing.


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I've also noticed some episodes are starting to vanish again on the WD TV unit.
BTOOM is missing eps 8, 10 & 12, and I also noticed a few Slam Dunk episodes are missing as well (40, 41, 42 )

::A few hours later::
I've been wasting my time flinging stuff into the queue from crunchyroll since it seems that no matter what series I've been trying to watch episodes are missing..

It's become extremely frustrating.. If you try to go through the menu on the unit to locate a series, it can can take over 30 minutes of just scrolling through the random patterns to locate what you're looking for, just to get there and see chunks of missing episodes.. or you play the guess game and  fling each episode.. one by one.. to the unit and then to start watching and encountering endless "waiting to load" screens for missing episodes..

Support at crunchyroll is non existent.. contacting western digital "moron" support results in "reset your unit" or "go back to an older firmware".. and they seem completely clueless to these issues, or are just ignoring them..

Do you guys even own a single WD TV box? has your Q/A and dev ever tried to use it as a stand alone device to see how frustrating your user interface is? If I could fling stuff to the unit and know 100% it will work, then it wouldn't be as frustrating (still frustrating try flinging 24 episodes of the same series.. and they find out 1/2 won't play).. but being able to fling items and them not being able to load on the unit, while they are perfectly watchable from the website leaves the question of... if I have to watch it from the website.. who needs your product.

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Tried to answer some questions at http://forum.flingo.org/viewtopic.php?pid=4024#p4024



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Hi testflingo,

I'm looking forward to the new HTML5 UI rollout. Sounds like less onerous browsing. I'm guessing it'll be through a driver update in the future. I sure hope it won't require you to manually update the whole lot each time Crunchyroll staff moves or updates/overwrites a bunch of flash video files, which they seem to do every few weeks without telling you, which ends up as missing episodes at our end. Which is annoying...

Hope you can help us with the current missing ones before the new UI is ready. Thanks!


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khyron wrote:

I've also noticed some episodes are starting to vanish again on the WD TV unit.

You are not alone - this problem appears across devices so strongly suggests it is not a device-specific problem but, instead, a file archiving problem for whoever (Crunchyroll/Flingo) is storing the episode files and episode file lists.

The problem has been ongoing for months now. See, for example, posts to the "devices" forum here.

BTW, at least one post/reply elsewhere around here suggests this problem "has been fixed" - it has not.

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Hi, it's getting worse and worse. Not only are many files missing again, even the latest series just keep disappearing within days. Now every single file left in the folders give a 'video playback error' message.

Please give us some update. Flingo's main site still lists Crunchyroll as supported, but it no longer seems that way.

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"Now every single file left in the folders give a 'video playback error' message."

I tested maybe ten different episodes from different Crunchyroll shows today old and new and not one would play -- 'video playback error' every time. Even episodes I played a day or two ago gave me an error. The Flingo Mazda commercial is the only thing that did play.

Yes, as far as episodes disappearing goes, I've lately gotten into the habit of watching new episodes immediately after they're listed for fear they won't be there tomorrow or the next day.


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The playback error appears to be fixed today.  Domo arigato!


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I haven't been seeing any new episodes for a few days.


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Still no updates....


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Updates! Lots and lots of updates! Yay!