Topic: StreamFling your media with Tivo

When can we expect to see an upgrade to Launchpad to give us the ability to FF/RW?  More importantly what video (codecs) does Flingo support? I am just starting out with Tivo and using the Windows Flingo Desktop app to stream my collection. But would make navigation easier if it supported folders / sub-folders. Previously have used Streambaby which gives the ability of a dvd player but relies heavily on Java. We look forward to seeing the benefits of the Flingo Family.

Overall I find your app a breath of fresh air as how light on my system resources it depends on.

I have awakened TivoCommunity Forums to look into how this feature can better serve all Tivo users.

http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/sh … ost9756281

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