Topic: Sony BDP-S185 & S580

I have a couple of Sony DVD players that carry Launchpad "fueled by Flingo" in their list of apps. TMZ, Vimeo, Crunchyroll, etc. -- probably twenty pre-loaded access points for sites with various shows already loaded in. As of the last couple of weeks almost all of them vanished, leaving only nine listed sites. I'd never really used it except for Crunchyroll and Koldcast, but Crunchyroll is one of the missing so I came here for answers. I added the button to my browser, but it's saying that it can't find a device on my network. Is that because it's a preloaded app? Is that service no longer supported? What's the word?

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Re: Sony BDP-S185 & S580

Hey guys,
There was a glitch in the app. It has been restored. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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I appreciate it. I saw the other sites -- 28 total, including Crunchyroll -- pop back up a few days ago but hadn't had the time to check back to see if there was a response.

I'm guessing that particular app isn't open to being able to fling things to, though? Just whatever is preloaded through Launchpad?