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Flinging from youporn.com now gives error message: first, "Failed to find video in this page," then "Lookup...failed." I'm using IE10 on Win8, flinging to a Vizio TV (XVT373SV). Everything was working fine four days ago.

Is this likely a Vizio firmware issue, (and/or) an incompatibility with the website, or is a Flingo update due?

edited: I've noticed that this forum has a habit of cutting off the ends of messages. I should have checked if I had a successful post, last night.

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Re: Stopped working...

"first," is all you get or is there more to the error message?


Re: Stopped working...

Edited. Thanks.

Also, is there a new url for lookup? The one I found in an old message didn't seem to work.

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Re: Stopped working...

most likely it's the web site.