Topic: Crunchyroll Listing Missing on WD TV Live

I haven't seen Crunchyroll listed on my WD TV Live for a few weeks now. My old series Favorites from Crunchyroll, however, are still listed, still update and play fine from favorites.


Re: Crunchyroll Listing Missing on WD TV Live

Sadly my wdtv wiped all my favourites at the same time as loosing the CR icon - not the first time it's done this either sad

Searching for known shows will find episodes and they are playable either CR have removed it themselves or something else has gone wrong. I might try adding them as series favourites again and see if I can reach them that way. May be their changing the content as there was often lots of TV shows and films mixed in that I didn't think CR hosted.

Looking into some of the other channels on the WDTV results in the only the youtube supported devices video.

Hopefully it gets sorted soon.


At home now and even though it's still missing the search function allowed me to find the series I'm watching, provided you search through all the false positives in finds. I've added a couple back into series favourites and I've got a full listing again for them. So provided you know the series name it's still possible to watch them.

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Re: Crunchyroll Listing Missing on WD TV Live

STILL no Crunchyroll listings under Channels on the WD TV Live. I can use my "smart TV" Launchpad app but it doesn't remember my favorites and the directory is a complete pain to scroll through. I guess I'll be back to using a laptop to get CrunchyRoll directly as soon as the new series begin.

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