Topic: "Failed to find video in this page" error message

I've been able to successfully use Flingo for maybe a year. Now, every attempt results in the same error message as soon as I click Fling from the bar.  It never gets to the second page where you select videos to Fling.

I have Windows 8.1 desktop, I.E. 11, and Vizio M420SV.  I also have a Windows 7 machine with I.E. 11 which has the same problem.  I have a Vizio router.  I have rebooted/restarted everything a dozen times.

I have tried to Fling dozens of videos from YouTube (only site I use).  Nothing works.  I've tried videos with advertisements and those without.  I've tried videos with the "show all content" option on and off. I've tried videos I've successfully flung in the past, and new videos.

The only change recently (and I don't know if the Flingo failures started before or after) was to upgrade Java to version 8, #45.  I mention this because if I hover over the Flingo icon I can see a message that starts "javascript:void..." with a lot of stuff following that.  I can provide more if you think this is relevant.

I really, really miss my Flingo.  Anything you can suggest to resolve this will be greatly appreciated.  What I've done thus far is the limit of my knowledge about what to do.


Re: "Failed to find video in this page" error message

Have you tried the chrome browser?


Re: "Failed to find video in this page" error message

No, I haven't.  I don't know how to do that, or what else it will affect.  I've always just used I.E.

I'll try it if I can figure out how to do it.


Re: "Failed to find video in this page" error message

I've read a lot of on-line info about using Google, but I just don't feel comfortable changing from the IE I've used for decades.

Can a developer (or anyone else in the know) tell me if IE 11, or the new Java version would have an impact on Flingo?  There must be a way to find out, but I'm not finding it on my own.

Thank you for helping a non-tech old lady.