Topic: WD: Crunchyroll channel no shoushitsu -_-

So the CR channel has vanished *AGAIN* from the Flingo menu on the WD Live HD.
CR episodes stored in the favorites appear and play as normal.
The problem persists - it's been a couple weeks aready.

Is there a Mr. Flingo (Mr. Crunchyroll / Mr. WD) out there who can explain or, better yet, solve the problem?
What's the matter with Flingo and Crunchyroll? We just got rid of the playback errors, and now this.


Re: WD: Crunchyroll channel no shoushitsu -_-

Two weeks passed, nothing happened.
Ah, yes, I've lost some 30 favorites (from a total 200+), maybe CR has stopped distribution? Weird, a few were simulcasts.

I found I can add new shows/episodes through the SEARCH menu, which happily finds Crunchyroll stuff even though the channel doesn't show up in the main page.

Anybody out there?


Re: WD: Crunchyroll channel no shoushitsu -_-

I know, the wd live is probably too old for wd, flingo or crunchyroll to maintain.
But now it´s been a year, and crunchyroll still doesn't appear on the flingo menu.
I can search CR episodes, add the series to favorites, watch the stuff I have added.
So WHY has the channel vanished? What if I buy a new WD model? Will the channel
Does anybody at flingo, CR or WD have any control over this buggy, sluggish,
awkward and lately invisible app?